Magnificent Vistas
Kingdom Vision and Verse

Beauty of Creation

All the beauty of the earth
Unfolding beauty of the skies
Spheres in harmony performing
Sun kissed morning’s awakened eyes

Rising from eternal shores
Majestic in its grand design
Riding upon the wings of time
Each day that’s yours and mine

Lord of the day and of the night
Your sun and moon daily rise or rest
Each in its perfect order shines
In star strewn sky at your behest

That which was once in shadow
Now substance does displace
As The Lord in awesome power
Reveals His never ending grace

His glory shown us in creation
Even within the human race
In those who seek and find him
The same shall see His face

Helen Arnold

As The Day Unfolds

As the day unfolds before us.
Each moment in its passing precious....
Thoughts of you fresh as the summer rains,
And as warms as the midday breeze
Ripple gently through my being
Just as winds quiver leaves on trees
And warm winds caress flowers petals
Feel the beauty of the day
Hear its song peaceful as the silence
Tender yet awesome in its own way
Savour the wonder in the gift of living
In its power when we kneel to pray
The joy of love, receiving and its giving
Experience the pleasure and  need to say
Thank you Lord for sharing the beauty
In the gifting of your lovely day

Helen Arnold ©

New Day Dawning

There’s a new day dawning
Where the sun’s rays bring the dew
And skylarks and turtle doves
Soar in a sky that’s always blue

Where the weeping of the willow
Landscapes rivers crystal clear
And droplets of little rainbows
Cause tiny puddles to appear

Trees  and plants and flowers
As many as an eye can see
Stretching out into infinity
In paths as green as green can be

Fields that smelt of new mown hey
Now full of barley, wheat and rye
And the rich brown earth alongside
Set aside and standing by

For as The Lord has promised
A new heavens and new earth
In the New Day Dawning
Soon they will have their birth

Helen Arnold

Days Of Destiny

These are the days of destiny
Gather at the river's side
Where Jesus in His glory
Comes to claim His holy bride

To present Her to His Father
And to Heaven’s assembled throng
Fulfilling the heavenly promise
Then celebrate in joyful song

Fear and death He conquered
It shall be seen no more
As peace and love is gifted
Through Heaven's open door

In these days of destiny
In perfect love and by His grace
See the wonder of His appearing
Behold the King soon face to face

By God's grace

Helen Arnold (C)