Magnificent Vistas
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Lets Look at Nothing

Lets look at nothing
Now what do you see
But shadows of something
Just waiting to be

Peer into darkness
To light deep within
Growing ever brighter
Let the something begin

From nothing to something
That eye could not see
Grows the light of the universe
Within you and me

Now that which was nothing
Grows to something of worth
As the Christ child of old
When he had his birth

He is precious and holy
So loving and good
From nothing to something
We live wrapped in His blood

Helen Arnold

Just because we cannot see with the
naked eye doesn't mean it's not there.
When we see things under a
microscope or a telescope we see
an amazing part of creation.
Staring into  the blackness
we see nothing until
The light comes.
Those things we don't look for
we call nothing and those things
are often priceless because spiritual things are divine..
Have you seen the pictures sent back from  deep space.  The wonderful colours and streams of light, the stars that twinkle like diamonds.
God's Creations are beautiful and so are you in His love and light.  In fact Jesus loves you so much He gave His life that you might have one.
A life worth living is God's plan for you.

One thing we can see is the night sky
Look  what is happening on the 23\09\ 2017
Astronomers tell us that the same conglomeration
of heavenly bodies will be lined up exactly as they were
at the birth of Jesus 2000 years ago.
"Jupiter will pass through the womb of the virgin."


As eye beholds the buttercup
In vales and valleys green
Ear enfolds the robins song
And heart devours creations scene
Seasons come and seasons go
Through summer sun and
winters' snow
But springtime and the Autumn
GOD'S feasts they are on show

Gifted throughout creation
That His people then would know
His Holy plan and time-clock
Reveal His perfect will on show
Confused The enemy defeated
But to The Wedding we shall go