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Helen Arnold

Sharing The love of God
The truth of His word, the joy
and blessings of His Kingdom

Isn't it true that knowledge without wisdom is not truth?
for wisdom is the understanding of a matter!
Without understanding we are unable to come to a knowledge of the truth
and it is the truth that makes us free. The truth is an absolute.
I wonder then how men and women can consider debating God's Holy Word with the intention of changing it to suit arguments to support a flawed thought process.

If we are in doubt of a matter it seems to me we cannot resolve anything without going back to the root of the matter.  The roots of Christian inheritence are Jewish and it is the Jewish writings that contain the understanding and perspective.

When we realise that Jesus was Jewish and the Old Testament was His point of reference, then we understand why he angered the Pharisees when he took them to task.  He constantly demonstrated the area of scripture that the pharisees chose to alter.  The Takanot was the added version of the doctrines of men and not of God.  We are told not to add or take away anything from God's Holy Word and indeed Jesus told us to " do as Moses said and not not as the pharisees do".
The Pharisees altered God's word to suit their growing sense of self importance.  They were in fact saying that They knew better than God .  The man made rituals took away the importance of God's words spoken to edify man.

There is a long list of the Takanot  and it makes interesting reading.
Ask any Messianic Jewish learned men.
Kingdom Vision
Magnificent Vistas

New Wine

You don’t put new wine into old bottles
It’s so vibrant the bottles would break
But New wine is put into new bottles
For both the wine and the vessels own sake

This way both the old and the new wine
Are preserved as they came from the vine
Each complimenting and enhancing each other
To be drunk at God’s specified time

New Wine is pressed new in each season
It has quality aspects that change over time
And conditions prevailing with growth
Are from one source which is the true vine

New Wine always has the same structure
Because it comes direct from the vine
To celebrate and reveal heaven’s purpose
It’s the children’s bread and their wine

For The Lord has said to His children
I would not have you ignorant you know
But understand the fullness as promised
That therein you would prosper and grow

Haven’t I said I will never leave you
My peace I left with you until I come
And the Comforter I sent just as promised
Till the Father says at last it is done

Greetings and peace from The Father
Hold fast that You would overcome
For all things are already accomplished
The victory is in Christ Jesus God’s son

Helen Arnold

Wisdom !
Don't ever give God instructions Just turn up for duty, listen, look and learn
Knowing the difference between the supernatural things of God and the occult is the beginning of wisdom. The Bible says so and I believe it. The occult is not of Jesus Christ or our  Father GOD
Wisdom !
God really isnt the author of confusion
God is a Supernatural GOD and when we understand this, marvellous and wonderful things of God embrace our lives.
Nothing is too hard for GOD who is the GOD of the impossible.
Wisdom ?
What you are is God's gift to you
What you become is your gift to God

The Holy Bible is God's word and can be proven to be
Living, Indestructable, Powerful,
Confirmed, Authoritive, True.
God's word and will shall prevail.
God's promises are sacred and cannot be undone.
This is the word of The LORD
By definition real choices can only be made when we have all the information available.  Choices based on unsound reasoning give unsound results.
Just like God has to have all the pieces before He can repair the damage we do when we make wrong choices that are based on misunderstanding and lie.
HAPPINESS is a choice!
When changing the rules is not an option !

God's Word and principles don't change.
I wonder why man thinks he has the wit or authority to change God's plans?
If we are out of step with God's Plans...
We have to change not God. Why ?
Because God so loved the world that he gave us His only begotten son.  God loves you so much and longs to give you all that He has destined for you.
HIs Kingdom on earth for many has begun.
Our King we await His return but we live and walk in His ways, that is to say in Kingdom Principles to The Father's praise and glory AMEN
Wisdom !
God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called
Growing Up

Growing up in this world can be painful in any event and spiritual growth is no less difficult.
Some of us learn the hard way, some of us never seem to learn at all, but all experience is a teacher.  When knowledge meets understanding then real wisdom is the manifestation and measure of real growth. Spiritual Growth has
personal relationship with God. To experience
God is not a religion it is a faith.relationship.

I Wonder

Why does man think he knows
better than his Creator?

Does man ever think that the world
we live in is a consequence of
our own dumb thinking?

Instructions for a better world were given to man for his stewardship of earth and joy of living.  Ignoring it
brings about destruction and death.

What will man do when he destroys
the very things God gave him to cherish and care for?

If it isnt too late to do what is right and not just what is convenient !

When the Kingdom is at hand
Why do you ignore The King ?