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updated May 2017

Prayer Mats
To all those who are grieving and  going through the pain of loss,  anger and uncertainty that comes with bereavement,  I ask The Lord to bring you comfort and peace and to wrap you in His love.  It is in that love that Jesus made it possible for those who believe on Him to have eternal life with Him.   I pray that  as we remember those who have gone before us and those recently bereaved that you will be surrounded with the help and comfort of family and friends and that you come to rest in the sure and certain knowledge that one day we shall see our loved ones again.  To those near death I pray that the peace of Jesus Christ fills your heart and brings you the tranquility and comfort of His perfect love, knowing that the promise of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ  our Saviour Amen.
Without Prayer We Cannot

Without Prayer
God Will Not

Intercessors throughout the world  pray unceasingly in the will and purpose of God. You can find some that I have listed on my links page under the Ministry titles you will find there.   Intercessors pray for countries, social and political situations and the events that bring about poverty, violence, ignorance, fear and separation from God.  Intercessors also pray for others, bridging the gap, touching the lost and hurting until they come into God's peace and rest.   Prayer brings God's love and reality into broken lives, and divine intervention into serious situations.  It brings healing and protection where fear,  sickness and evil appears, It brings God's love and light where darkness manifests . More importantly it brings The Presence of God who loves us, The Holy Spirit and grace in abundance.

Please Pray

Things That Happen
Through Prayer

We draw near to God
Divine Intervention
Help in times of trouble
Guidance and direction
Spiritual growth

" Why would we not pray" ?
Relationship with God is gifted through Prayer
He leads me beside the still waters and restores my soul

I Love Praying the Psalms

Because they are beautiful, specific and offer guidance and direction and are always in the will and purpose of God

Many people pray the Psalms because the words are inspirational  for the praise and worship of God.  e.g

Heavenly Father

You are our Shepherd and creator of all things.  In you we trust, for you lead us by the still waters and provide for all our needs.  We thank you for your peace and protection and your promises as we rest on and in your word. Even though we walk in the valley of shadows we fear no evil for you are always with us.  How beautiful are your ways O' Lord and how wonderful your counsel.
We thank and praise you Lord for The Table you have set before us in the presence of our foes, for the wonderful plan of salvation, the anointing and your Holy Spirit, widely as your mercy flows.   Father God we praise you Our Savour King and Lord, as  we come together in one heavenly accord.  Bless us with your
Presence forever and a day
Lead us now in those things that you would have us pray. And in the secret quiet place fill us with your love and grace
Enough to win every battle
here in time and space.

To the glory of God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

    Watch & Pray         
Mathew 26:41

God of Miracles

I know the God of Miracles
And I know you know Him too
So that is why I asked Him
To take good care of you
I asked for His compassion
To remove all of your pain
From the top of your head
To the soles of your feet
That only peace with you remain

I know He heard my prayer
For I asked in Jesus name
So now I thank and praise Him
And His promises for you I claim

Because we ask believing
His blessings will surround
And move into that space within
Where only light and love are found
Peace in heaven's abundance
His loving touch will bring
Just trust in the name of Jesus
To the hem of His robe just cling
Give thanks and praise and glory
For all that He will do
Our Saviour Lord and King
Whose power makes all things new

Helen Arnold ©

Please pray for an end to hatred and violence,  for the victims of war and for people who desire and work for peace.  For those in authority in all the nations of the world, that corruption come into God's light and right thinking and order into Government. Lord guide and direct them that they  may govern in wisdom and truth, serving all the people with right leadership, fairness and wise judgements in the name of Jesus Christ Amen
Please pray for divine direction for the church . For provision as it prepares for the return of Our King.  For a fresh anointing and revelation, for the boldness and humilitry of the earlier church. Help us Lord to do what is right in your sight and not what is convenient, for Christs sake Amen
Please pray for provision for the oppressed, starving and homeless people of the Western world where the gap between rich and the poor widens and poverty and destitution is becoming the acceptable"norm".   Please pray for Pakistan and India., also for Sudan... for people who live in tyranny and fear in Nigeria,Tibet, Zimbabwe and many other parts of the world where the poverty of ignorance, greed, drugs and violence destroy freedom,  abundance and order..  Pray for divine intervention to bring God's will and purpose to all of God's people. in the one name above all others Jesus'Christ  Amen
Please pray for those who have not heard the wonderful Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, also for those who live in unbelief,  please pray for the divine intervention that will roll the stone away from every heart.  Please pray that every heart be kindled to seek him and to be prepared for the divine encounter that is the risen Lord.  Giving thanks in all things, prepare for the coming of the Lord and  that Jesus lives and comes again soon .  Thanks be to God.
Please pray for those in positions of authority in the media and the world of  "Entertainment"  that corrupt young and impressionable minds with false sets of values,  foul language and violent behaviour which contributes nothing meaningful or worthy to the world.  Help them Lord to see and accept their responsibility,  before it's too late and they become the victims of the world that they are creating. In the name of Jesus Christ we ask believing Amen

Please pray for those who struggle daily with disability and serious illness.  For those who are carers and also for those who suffer.  Lord bring them strength to cope and healing,  respite from pain and despair..  Provide for their needs spiritually, physically and financially  in the one name above all others  Jesus Christ Amen
Please pray for the victims of the financial crisis and also those victims of the extreme weather conditions.  For help through their trauma,  loss of homes and personal possessions.   Lord bring them means of survival, shelter , warm food and clothes and help to rebuild their shattered lives,  housing and jobs to provide with dignity for their  families.  Please pray for  appropriate planning in government to take steps to prevent as well as measures to assist those in peril from rain,wind and fire in the name of Jesus Christ Amen
Heavenly Father, help us to put back in our world the structures of balance and right thinking that you put in place before time itself began.  Help us to promote and preserve those values that bring love, peace and order into our world that has lost it's way.  Open hearts and minds to desire and receive your Holy Word
Lord bless those who wander or walk in man's logic with the leading of the Holy Spirit and fill them with the wisdom of our God who is not a God of confusion.  Where there is ignorance bring your light and your direction and where there is despair your hope in the  name above all others Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour Amen .
Father GOD please bless our leaders in government and let your voice be heard above the voices of  evil and self gratification.  Give them the Road to Damascus experience in The Kingdom of Light and truth.
Please pray for Evangelists, Pastors and Missionaries as they  preach The Gospel around the world.
Lord as you direct the harvest,  bless AND PROTECT those who gather it to your barns, direct their path and prosper them in the work that you have given them to do IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST Amen
Please pray for wisdom and understanding and divine direction for the church . 
For provision as it prepares for the return of Our King.  For a fresh anointing and revelation, for the boldness and humilitry of the earlier church that it might stand in God's grace, presence and power and not its own changing traditions. Help us Lord to do what is right in your sight and not what is convenient, for Christs sake in Jesus' name Amen
Please pray for those men, women and children in the grip of addictions whether drugs or alchohol, solvents, tobacco, Gambling or harmful behaviour.  Heavenly Father bring them out of the bondage and the darkness that destroys their peace, robs them of a right mind and healthy body and brings despair, torment and financial ruin to them and their families.  Lord wrap them in your healing mercy and love and bring them into your peace,  the light  of your provision and support in the one name above all others Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord
Please pray for those in prison, those separated from families and those who work to bring restitution, reform and rehabilitation.  Pray for those who have found their faith in prison to have courage to share it with others as they come to into God's  Grace and Peace on earth.  Bless their families  Lord with strength to cope   Father for those who are the victims of crime,  bring them a heart to forgive, healing and restitution in the name of Jesus  Christ Amen
Love is The Way

Love is The Way
Through the journey of life
Trusting in God
The sure way through all strife

Daily walking the path
Foot sure not alone
Destination assured
The way open and known

Light for the journey
The road narrow and straight
There peace, grace and mercy
In abundance await

Give thanks and give glory
To Almighty God who created all
Praise our God who is love
For He will never let us fall

Helen Arnold

Being, seeing and doing

To bring a little sunshine
Into someone else’s day
Is a blessing to the giver
As a prayer when we pray

To lighten some ones burden
As they struggle with cares of life
Is to bring God’s love and power
Make short work of any strife

To lift another up to God
When they stumble or they fall
Is to bring God’s grace and light
To leave them standing tall

To be their light in darkness
Cover with love all fear and dread
And feed all spiritual hunger
Give them the children’s bread

Oh what a privilege
Just to see, do and to be
Be the bridge that some one needs
Just like it was for you or me

Helen Arnold

Please Pray for Simon
and all cancer sufferers

For restoration of  his health, faith and family . Lord please strengthen Simon and as he battles with cancer  We pray for the
cancer to die at its root and branch in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour to The Fathers praise and glory Amen
Please pray for Harry and all those who live and walk in fear, rejecting         reality and  truth.  Lord bless them with your peace and lead them into the light of your love, your provision and your protection in the name of Jesus Amen

Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem
The protection of Israel and all her people wherever they are in the world.  Confuse and confound her enemies and bring right thought and actions in the will and purpose of GOD.
In the name of Jesus Christ Amen