Magnificent Vistas
Kingdom Vision and Verse
The Revealed Word Of GOD
The Holy Bible
More Than A Story

It’s not just a beautiful story
Written in an ordinary book
It’s heaven’s own blueprint anointed
Open its pages take more than a look

It’s not man’s fabrication
The people and stories are real too
And you are part of the story
It’s part of God’s holy plan for you

It’s a gift and blessing of heaven
And tells us about God’s Holy Son
About how much He really loves you
How in Him every battle is won

God’s love is lovingly written
From times beginning down the ages
You can tell that you were on His mind
For you are there on all its pages

It’s God’s grand plan and holy word
To bless God’s kingdom children on earth
The Holy Bible is more than a book
It’s the Kingdom plan for our new birth

Helen Arnold

Hallelujah and Amen

In 66 books it is written
By 44 writers we are gifted God’s word
But  The Author  is The Holy Spirit
And was written just as it was heard

Without the word of God and the love of God we would be nothing and have no hope at all.
In Jesus Christ who is our hope, our Saviour, Lord and King, we have the hope of everlasting life, peace that is without understanding and  joy beyond compare.
The word of God contains the promises of God, a glimpse of eternity and blessings in this life and the next.
In God's word is hidden the pearl of great price, for seekers to find and all believers to be blessed.
Ask and it shall be given, call those things that are not as though they were, knock and it shall be opened unto you.

GOD'S Word Is Holy

The Holy Bible
It contains all man needs to know to live the abundant life that God planned and desires for man.  The Old Testament and New Testament together form one book.
Hidden in the Old Testament is the New and the New Testament reveals the Old.
These two books mirror each other and in both you will find they contain, part law, part genealogy, part history,  and part prophecy. Here is the shadow and the substance.  The Rod and The Staff.
This collection of scriptures are the most exciting and extraordinary  writings anyone will ever read.  They can't be read as a book in the normal sense as to attempt to do so will only bring frustration and confusion , because without the context and format in which they were written understanding is difficult if not impossible.
The scriptures from Genesis to Revelation are God's love letters to His Children.   They are living words which are powerful and meaningful to every generation. 
Take note of whom the scriptures speak and who is saying what to who..  Remember the stories convey simple messages and also underlying spiritual truths.
Jesus loves you and tells you so on every page.
He asks us to choose whom we will serve?
Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.
Matthew 24:35


Angels are referred to in scripture and are defined
and given spheres of administration and mission.
Here are just a few to look up.

Genesis 3:24
Genesis 18:: 1-4
Joshua 5: 13-15
Mathew  13:31-32
Mathew  18:10
2 Thess 1:7
Heb 1:14
Hebrews 2:16
Daniel 10: 2, 5. 11, 13 ,21
Daniel 9:21-22
Psalm 103 :20-21
Luke 1:26-27

Ezekiel 10:20-21
Mark 8:38
Luke 1:30-32
Isaiah 14:12-13
Acts 27

Angels are spiritual beings and there are
different ranks within the Heavenly Kingdom.
Arch Angels, Common Angels,
Cherubim, Seraphim, Living Creatures


They are Messengers,  Ministers, and  Guardians.
Also Warrior Angels

Nowhere in scripture are we invited or encouraged
to pray too or through angels.
Neither are we led to pray to saints or any other than GOD himself

We are invited and instructed to pray to Our Heavenly Father direct asking all things through Jesus Christ.
All prayer that is prayed in God's will and purpose is
always answered...yes always.

Heaven's Angels are beautiful creatures who have their being in God and are totally devoted to Him.

You can find out more by looking in
a Holy Bible that has a good concordance.  I use The King James Version but there are others available.

Praise God that He has given His angels charge over us.
Psalm 91

God's provision for us is so great for those who know him.

His Word
Grace and Faith
Covenant promises
The Holy Spirit
Ministering Angels

Repentance and Forgiveness
If we have unforgiveness in our hearts then we cannot truly repent.  To repent means to have a change of mind,  return to the ways of our Creator, regret those deeds and sins of omission that bring us into a downward spiral and prevent love and healing, the environment of peace that it needs to flourish. Importantly repentance enables us to forgive those who trespass against us and then All past hurts and past pains we have suffered at the hands and mouths of others are given no place in our hearts.
Love heals all and renders our enemies powerless.
Enemies are friends who haven't yet repented.
Repentance is a requirement in the Kingdom of God.

Romans 12: 2
1 Corinthians 2: 9-16