Breathless Hush

In the beautiful breathless hush
As whistling winds disperse to calm
And the hallowed halls of Heaven
Stretch forth a peaceful loving arm
The gentle hand that parted water
And calmed the turbulent sea
In breathless hush and awesome power
Unchained the prisoner, set him free

In the beautiful breathless hush
The darkened room became so bright
Sweeping away the shadows of fear
Loves spirit glowing in the light
The light enveloped all God's children
Multitudes gathered, none were afraid
For peace and love was rejoicing in praise
At the loving plan that God has made

Helen Arnold

Magnificent Vistas

A Sweet Sound in God's Ear

Everything is You

Every fallen tear a diamond
Every sigh a breath of spring
Every touch a warm embrace
Every day a new joy you bring

Every moment a joyous blessing
Every word that I hear you say
Every single glimpse of eternity
Every hour of times winged decay

Every precious golden memory
Every wonderful thought that’s new
Every taste of heaven’s honey
Everything beautiful is you

Helen Arnold ©

To The Church
I come to you on the warm summer breeze....
In the depths of the winters snow ....
No season can separate the oneness ....
That feeling of peace that you know
With the fragrance of spring
Sweet flowers I bring
In the summer, beautiful blooms
For a brides bouquet or to bless the day
Or to cover the empty tombs

I come to you in the dead of night
In the brightness of every new day
In the colour of a rainbow
The waves on the shore
An autumn leaf winging its way
With the sound of a Lark or a Banshee
A song of praise or the blink of an eye
From the top of the highest mountain
In the sparkling stars of the sky

For I am always with you
Always together we’re never apart
Like the strains of a great concerto
Or the music that the spheres impart
Yesterday, today and tomorrow my love
I know no beginning, I know no end
I come to you in your man made maize
I count the aeons as you count the days
Remind of when you knew Loves ways!

Helen Arnold ©

One Rose

One Rose, One Life, One Hope, One love
One World, One Dream, One God above
One Word, One Truth, One Light, One Goal
One Day The Oneness back as whole

One Rose, One Love perfection divine
Unfurls One heart, now yours and mine
One lifetime eternal as perfect as new
Perfect Love's gift promised and true

God's Love