The Vision

Lord, You lit a flame within my heart
A fire that burns so bright
The eternal flame of life itself
Ever before me day and night

Within its heart as the burning bush
The flame enveloped, consumed me not
I saw white robed The King of Kings
The Lamb of God without a spot

The angels sang no greater love
Will men on earth conceive and know
Than Jesus The  Christ Son of God
His winds of change now powerfully blow

I saw the trees of knowledge and life
The first one forbidden was first and last
And the cherubim guarding the tree of life
Raised a flaming sword and allowed me past

The King’s train did fill the temple
Songs of praise and glory filled the air
And I knelt before the throne of God
Enthralled in love and peace found there

I saw the source of the crystal fountain
From whence all healing flows
And the embers glowing before the throne
Where the flame of truth forever glows

Helen Arnold

There is no place that God is not
And oh He loves you so
His word the truth He gifts to us
That every man would know
The treasures and the mysteries
Of God's love is now on show

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